Our software offers all the controls specifically designed for the Loan Modification and Short Sale business, we have not adapted any tool to your business but developed an application from scratch using our libraries from over 10 years of experience in the software business.

Complete and robust:

Management and Control:


Other features:


The most complete and easy to use software for Loan Modification and Short Sales.
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SX3 Loan Modification & Short Sale Software is not an adaptation of a similar application or a mortgage origination tool; we have put 10 years of experience developing large scale databases for different business types around the world to develop this solution from scratch.

We rapidly became the standard software for loan modification and short sale companies:

  • We improve our applications constantly with new features to adapt them to the changes of the Loan Modification Industry adding forms, reports and new features and control
  • We provide an excellent tech support that is completely free for our customers!
  • We offer a cutting edge solution for this booming business.
  • We offer the very first complete loan modification software ever created for this segment of the Real Estate business.
  • We are a staffed Company with a team of well trained professionals that provide Class A technical support to our Clients.

Call us today to schedule a personalized live demo, we do not do webinars with people from multiple Companies, we do our demos person-to-person in private sessions. Our knowledgeable Account Executives will show you the many ways SX3 Loan Modification & Short Sale software can streamline the processing of your cases and the supervision of your employees.
Processing Center Edition (Branch Offices Management). Only available on the 10 users license (or larger).
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The Processing Center Edition is our most recent addition to our Loan Modification software. This set of functionality includes a complete set of features that enables Processing Centers to create Remote Offices, Branches or Independent Loan Modification Companies. With the Processing Center Edition (PCE), users can easily configure groups of documents (templates) available “per Branch Office” which allows the use of different Company names, contact information, logos, etc.

The PCE offers the opportunity of specifying the level of access to the different cases “per user” like “own cases”, “users group”, “branch office” or “all branches”. This feature also allows the Administrator to create Branch and General Managers that can oversee the processes.

If your Company has Branch Offices or is processing Loan Modifications and Short Sales for Referring Companies, this set of features is ideal for you; it offers all the opportunities needed to manage your distributed pipeline with enhanced data access security and flexibility.

Users setup: the User’s setup screen allows the Administrator to associate users to Branch Offices and at the same time, each Branch Office may contain multiple Users Groups, this offers the opportunity of controlling access to cases by Group/Branch:

Users Set Up - Loan Modification Software

Data access setup: The following screen shows the different levels of data access to cases. This can be easily setup per User from the Users module:

Data Access Setup - Loan Modification Software

Document Grouping: The following screen shows how document templates can be grouped by Branch or Referring Office. This allows users to categorize documents making them unique “per Branch”, offering more control and flexibility:

Documents Grouping - Loan Modification Software

Automatic Document filtering: Based on the Branch Office that each Case belongs to, the system will automatically show only the documents associated to the related Branch. Only Users that are General Managers or the Administrator will be able to filter documents of other Branches or show all the documents. This enhanced document grouping and automatic filtering allows Administrators to manage mid to large size Companies more efficiently:

Automatic Document Filtering - Loan Modification Software

Branch catalog: Based on your own needs, you can create an unlimited number of Branch Offices with detailed information:
Branch Catalog - Loan Modification Software
Multi users with detailed user rights and data access specification.
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SX3’s Corporative Network Infrastructure allows Administrators of small, medium or large Companies not only to oversee but to manage in detail what each user can access or do through the system. Administrators can create grant/deny access to modules, functions and reports of the program. This also allows Administrators to create Branch Offices and Users Groups per branch, Branch Managers and Regular Users enabling “collaboration” and limiting (if required) the access to cases.

Multi Users - Loan Modification Software

When you create users groups you can specify if a given user can access only his/her own documents or if he/she can also access the cases of all those other users members of his/her user group. You can also specify is a user can access all the cases of a branch or all the branches. Some other features include adding/editing/deleting payments from Customers, payments to Referring Agents, Adding/Editing/Deleting Service fees and much more.

Manage Attorneys related to each case.
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We understand the fast pace of the loan modification business and how many States have established regulations that are shaping the way Companies work. One of the most recent regulations is the need to involve an Attorney in the Loan Mod. process to represent the Client (Home Owner). We have added a set of features that allows the users to manage this with ease.

Part of these features include:

  • Catalog of Attorney Offices: this feature allows the user to register an unlimited number of Attorney Offices an associate them to the different cases in the system.
  • Case notes by Attorney: users can identify the negotiation notes as “Lender”, “Attorney” or “Home Owner” related. This offers the opportunity to filter and list notes by Case and Attorney as needed.

The following screen shows how you can associate an Attorney to a Case during the interview process, the Attorney can later be changed from the Leads and Cases details window:
Manage Attorneys - Loan Modification Software
Generation of Professional Loan Modification Proposals with one click!

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One of the main objectives of our software is to generate a professional looking, very complete and convincing Loan Modification proposal. Once you enter the necessary information like mortgage info and financial statement (current and proposed scenarios), the system will generate the Loan Modification proposal for the 1st and 2nd Lenders showing detailed aspects of the current and proposed situation.

Generation of Proposals - Loan Modification Software

The loan modification proposals include:

  • Current Vs proposed mortgage information.
  • Current Vs proposed financial situation, income, mortgage payments, PITI and deductions.
  • Current market value (CMV) analisys.
  • Cost of foreclosure including:
    • Est. months in arrears.
    • Cost to secure the Property.
    • Cost of repairs.
    •  Delinquent taxes and liens.
  •  Foreclosure price and Est. Sales Price.
  •  Est. Real Estate commission.
  •  Sales (loss) proceeds to Lender.

Please contact SX3 to schedule a live online demo of the software and find out how easy it is to generate the loan modification proposal.

With SX3 Loan Mod. Proposal you can clearly and aggressively show the Lender the benefits of accepting a Loan Modification proposal favorable to your Client.

All the forms in the system can be previewed, printed, exported to Acrobat PDF or sent by email or eFax directly to the Lender!
Generation of Professional Short Sale Proposal with one click!
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The same way you can easily generate Loan Mod. Proposals you can also generate the Short Sale / Short Payoff proposals. SX3’s Short Sale proposal shows at a glance the three different scenarios:

Short Sale Proposals - Loan Modification Software

  •  Proceeds from a would be REO Sale.
  •  Proceeds from a would be Auction Sale.
  •  Proceeds from the Proposed Short Sale.

These three sections of the proposal detail each scenario and show in a very complete yet direct way that the best option is the Proposed Short Sale.

The lender can easily note all the deductions related to each scenario and what the final amount of “Proceeds to Lender” will be, making a positive statement towards a Short Sale Approval.

SX3 is provided with predefined percentages that automatically calculate the Estimated REO Price and Auction Offers (Administrators can change the default percentages to better fit your Market’s conditions).
Detailed cost of repairs module.
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Cost of Repairs Module - Loan Modification Software

Control and flexibility are key on a software product, this is why SX3 Loan Modification and Short Sale software allows users to enter detailed information about repairs needed on the Real Estate Property of every Case. You can easily access this module from the Analysis tab of the Case Detail screen.
Using the SX3 Repairs module you can enter as many repair-lines are required; these repairs are summarized and automatically presented as part of the Loan Mod and Short Sale Proposals, you can also generate a repairs report that can be emailed and eFax directly to the Lender. Do you want to import some pictures to demonstrate to the Lender what you are talking about? Contact us, we will tell you what is next.
Cost of Repairs - Loan Modification Software
Home Affordable Mortgage Program visual representation (Front and Back End DTIs).

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After the announcement of the Home Affordable Mortgage Program the Administration of the President Barack Obama, the calculation of Front-End and Back-End DTIs became a key element in the Loan Modification process. SX3 offers the most advanced and convenient representation of the PITI and DTI. This presents a unique opportunity to visually understand your Client’s financial situation.

Affordable Mortgage Program - Loan Modification Software

Multi-Scenario Financial Statements for easy pre-qualification.

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Another unique feature offered in SX3 Software is the multi-scenario Financial Statement, this feature allows you to enter your Client’s Actual financial situation, a resulting scenario after a proposed Loan Modification and a resulting scenario after a Short Sale; this unique tool allows you to present to your Client the different options and visually appreciate how the grapchis change based on the values entered on the worksheet.

Complete management of Leads (CRM ), don’t lose track!

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We have found that one of the main problems that Loan Modification companies are facing is the way to originate more cases. In many ways, this problem is caused by a poor management of the inbound calls and follow up of prospective clients.

With SX3 Loan Modification software, Sale Reps. can very efficiently manage their leads. As soon as users log into the leads management window they identify those leads that require a follow up action:

  • Black: cases in black do not require immediate attention or follow up.
  • Red: cases in red are due for follow up. Every time you schedule a phone call or a meeting for a lead, SX3 will mark it. When the scheduled action is due, the system will change the color of that lead automatically. By the end of the day, supervisors should not see many red leads as Sale Reps. open them and perform the follow up action, scheduling the next call or meeting.
  • Highlighted: cases close to their foreclosure date. In SX3 you can specify the number of days prior to foreclosure so the system can highlight those cases:
    • The foreclosure date of Lead A is Nov-15th.
    • The foreclosure date of Lead B is Nov-16th.
    • If you configure SX3 to highlight cases with foreclosure date in the next 15 days and today is November 1st, only the case A will be highlighter. On November 2nd, SX3 will also highlight Lead B.

Once you out this tool into action you realize how fast an accurate you can control if your Sale Reps. are doing their job.
Control of negotiations and report for audits.
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SX3 provides a very easy to use and complete control of negotiations. Every time your processors (negotiators) contact the bank or the customer, they are able to register the notes, when the note is saved, SX3 stamps the time, date,  the user who created the note and the type of note (public or private).

Control of Negotiations - Loan Modification Software

Notes entered in the Case cannot be deleted or modified unless the user account has been authorized to do so, this offers a high level of security in companies where Branch Managers or other users are granted access to the same Case.

Notes marked as “Borrower-Online” are accessible from your Company’s website via internet (SX3 Web Component required); your users can log into your website with a user name and password that you specify and they can get to see the progress of their case, balance, documents presented or missing, Borrower-Online notes and more, additionally the template of the online form can be modified using an HTML editor to include your logos and brand colors.

SX3 also has several reports that can be used to update your clients or presented to a regulatory agency in case of an audit. These reports can be sent by eFax or email directly from the application.

Closed cases archive – Statistics – Reports.
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When you are closing a case (you reached an agreement with the financial institution), you can enter values like new mortgage amount, new APR & new term (after negotiation). Having on file the original values (prior to negotiation) it is easy to generate statistic reports that are a very efficient sales tool.

With statistic reports generated from SX3 you can show your prospective Customers how much money you have saved to a given number of Clients in the last “n” months.

These same reports can be used during an audit by a regulatory agency to demonstrate the effectiveness of your Company.
Scan/Import and manage your Clients’ documents directly into the application.

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Scan/Import Documents - Loan Modification Software

Question #1:

What do you do when a Rep. from a Bank or a Client calls with a question about a case? Do you need to search through a file to find a folder, then search for an specific document?

Question #2:

Are you outsourcing your negotiation services with individuals who work from out of your workplace? How do you send them the docs every time you need to update a file?

Question #3:

When you send a document by fax or email to the Bank, do you need to stamp the Name of the Client and the Loan number on each page?

Question #4:

Have you ever lost one of your Client’s docs?

With SX3 all you need to do is to receive your Client’s docs and scan them directly into the database, you do not need to rename or move files from one folder to another. Yes, SX3 allows you to scan the documents with a simple click, recording the docs in the database and adding a header (which can also be customized) with the name of your Client, the property’s address and the loan number, all this with one single click.

Imagine receiving your Client’s Docs., scanning them and making them immediately available for your Negotiator, this is effectiveness.

Imagine selecting the desired case on screen and having everything in the same place!

  •  Scan multiple pages,
  •  Automatically add a header per page with Client’s name, address and loan number.
  • Classify docs per type (W2s, Taxes, Bank statements, etc).
  • Go paperless, with a simple click.
  • With SX3 you can focus on the negotiations.

Paper driven Companies are not efficient and unless you devote a great deal of time auditing your Negotiators, it is almost impossible to generate up to date reports.

Note: the scanner must use a TWAIN driver. The TWAIN driver is the most popular driver available.
Email or eFax the entire modification package “directly” to the Lenders!

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Since you have the ability of scanning all the docs. directly into your SX3 database, the entire case can be easily sent by email to the financial institution.

Email or EFax Packages - Loan Modification Software

  • With a simple mouse right-click insert macros in the subject and body of the email like [Client_Name] or [Loan_Number] which are replaced with the correct information from the Client’s file when the email is sent.
  • Specify multiple email addresses.
  • Select documents to attach.
  • Select letters to attach (letters can also be automated with SX3).
  • Select contracts and agreements to attach.
  • Click on “Send” and your entire package is sent via email to the bank.

Control of appointments – Microsoft Outlook interface*.

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Control Appointments - Loan Modification Software

With SX3 you have the convenience and easy-of-use of a real MS Windows based Client-Server user interface; additionally to this, SX3 Loan Modification Software synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

Every time you enter/modify an appointment in SX3 it gets updated in your MS Outlook as well. This way, you can keep everything updated, your personal and work appointments.
Customize YOUR OWN Documents & Agreements from Microsoft Word – Inserting labels (macros).

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Our philosophy is to provide applications that can be adapted by our Clients as much as possible attending to their own business needs.

In SX3, we have put our philosophy in action. From the Docs and Agreements module you can create as many customized documents and agreements as you need and in multiple languages if you need to. For every document you can use the macro substitution feature that allows you to insert macros like [Client_Name] or [Loan_Number] which are replaced with the correct information from the Client’s file when the document is generated.

Customize Your Own Documents Up - Loan Modification Software

How does it work?

All you need to do is to copy your actual docs and agreements from MS Word or any other application and past the content into the SX3’s editing window, then you replace where it indicates the name of the Client with the [Client_Name] macro pressing the mouse right-click and selecting the macro from a popup menu. That simple!

As soon as you enter the Lead’s information in the system, all the contracts can be automatically generated.

SX3 does not present a fix number of contracts and agreements, we offer our Clients the ability to create an unlimited number of documents that can be selected later from a list.
Fully customizable pipeline tracking by milestones and tasks per milestone.
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Accounts Receivable – Payments scheduler – Payment receipts – Collections reports.

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Accounts Receivable cannot get easier than this. SX3 Loan Modification Software allows you to easily schedule multiple payments per case. All you need to do is to specify the number of payments, dates and the amount of each one. The application will show you on screen alerts as well as reports of past and scheduled collections between dates with more parameters to filter the results.

Every time you receive a payment, you can enter it in the application and it will generate the corresponding receipt, with your Company’s name and logo and updating the database with the new Client’s balance. Easy, convenient and secure.

Note: only authorized users can receive payments and print out payment receipts.

Accounts Payable – Control of Agents – Control of different types of commissions.
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SX3 is provided with a complete Agents module that allows you to register multiple Agents. Let’s say you have 10 external Agents to whom you pay a commission per every case they generate for your Company. With SX3 you can:

  • Register multiple Internal-External Agents.
  •  Define a different commission per Agent:
    • John Bates receives $350 per case.
    • Michael McDonald receives $450 per case.
    • Christina Santiago receives $480 per case.
  •  Generate (printout) the commission checks and control the balance of each Agent.
  •  Allow the Agents to log into the application to review the progress of “their” referred cases.
  •  Generate multiple reports per Agent with multiple parameters to filter the result.

Customizable Service Catalog with multiple types of commissions calculation.
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SX3 Loan Modification Software is a flexible and very open database application. We have developed it in a way that you can adapt it to the changes of your business. In SX3 you can define as many as 10 million different “Services” with their individual pricing:

Customizable Catalog - Loan Modification Software

  • For every service you define in your catalog you can specify a different commission schema.
  • You can select multiple services per case.
  • Service names can be automatically inserted in the forms, contracts and agreements.
  • You can generate reports by type of service like “Open Loan Modifications”, “Short Sale by City or State”.
  • If in the future you need to create new services, you can do it yourself or call us for tech support without any program modifications.

English and Spanish user’s interface.
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For 10 years the words flexibility, scalability, easy of use and multilingual have been key characteristics of our products. SX3 is not the exception; the users of our Loan Modification Software can setup the user interface in English or Spanish as desired with just one click.

This additional and convenient feature is provided at no additional cost and can be selected “per user”, so John can use the system with English user interface while Juan may be using the system in Spanish.

Documents and agreements can also be entered in the application in both languages.
Grow! Extremely powerful database tested with 10 million cases.
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After 10 years of experience developing powerful database applications we understand that advanced testing is a key factor to guarantee a robust core database that can deliver results under high demand scenarios. We have tested our Loan Modification and Short Sale software with a automatically generated database containing 10 million cases, a number that exceeds the transactional needs of Loan Mod. Companies of any size.

Allow your Customers to track their cases online with SX3 Web Component.
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If a Client calls in for an update, how fast can you provide the information? What if the Negotiator is not in that day, can you still provide the feedback required by your Client?

With the flexible detailed reporting features built in SX3 Loan Modification Software you can easily find a case (using the on screen filtering) by name, address, loan number or any telephone number, then all you need to do is to open the case. All the information and notes about the negotiations are available.

All the reports in SX3 can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel, Acrobat PDF, sent by Fax and Email and previewed on the screen.

For confidentiality of processing, you can mark notes as private (for internal use only).
Automatic backup system.
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It is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of time. Your server’s hard drive may stop working and if something like this happens you must be prepared. When your business relies on computer systems you must establish a disaster recovery plan, this includes having an efficient backup system in place.

We offer an efficient solution for data backup 100% compatible with SX3 Loan Modification and Short Sale software, please check our SX3 Backup Utility for more details.